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ontario recognizes rowan’s law day: province invests $105,000 in concussion legacy foundation canada’s awareness programs

Ontario’s government is recognizing Rowan’s Law Day by investing $105,000 to expand efforts to improve concussion safety across the province.

Today Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, was joined by Gordon Stringer, father of Rowan Stringer, Tim Fleiszer from the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada (CLFC), and other concussion safety advocates to announce that Ontario is partnering with CLFC to support prevention, education and awareness events across the province.

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rowan’s law day an important reminder about young athletes and concussions

A heartbreaking tragedy - the 2013 death of 17-year-old rugby player Rowan Stringer from a series of concussions - is creating positive changes.

Rowan’s Law, first introduced as a private members bill by Nepean MPP Lisa MacLeod (the province’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport) is probably saving lives with its heightened concussion protocols. On Sept. 25, Rowan’s Law Day will be commemorated in Ottawa with a full day of events.

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concussions, cte & u Sports: the concussion legacy foundation at western

Tell me what happened.

That’s the first statement made during a sideline assessment of a potential head injury as directed in the SCAT5 concussion protocol.

According to Kristin Nugent, director and president of the Concussion Legacy Foundation's Western chapter, more needs to be done to streamline information on head injuries from PubMed to more practical settings for young student-athletes.

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around the bay road race brews up new features for its 125th anniversary

Around The Bay Road Race participants have raised $3.8 million for the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation over the past 15 years.

This year, the foundation is joined by a handful of other charity partners, Autism Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society, Concussion Legacy Foundation and the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

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western university football program placing emphasis on player safety to minimize concussion risk

While the subject of concussions has caused much angst in the football community, Marshall said there have been many positives from the research.

“The best thing that’s come out is concussion protocol,” Marshall said. “If our players have any symptoms, then they’re immediately put into protocol instead of just going back on the field.

“And they’re more aware of it, their parents are more aware of it and their friends are more aware of it. They’re saying, ‘Hey, you know what? You’ve still got headaches, you should go see the doctor and report this,’ whereas 20, 30 years ago we never thought anything of it.”

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rowan’s law day a lasting reminder of concussion danger

It's been a long, tough fight for Ottawa's Gordon Stringer. 

But after years of working with two different governments, Rowan's Law, named in memory of his daughter, was finally passed in March 2018, and with it the establishment of Rowan's Law Day — the last Wednesday in September. 

Each year on this day, schools across the province will host concussion awareness events aimed at educating students and faculty alike on the potentially fatal condition that claimed the life of Rowan Stringer in 2013.

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Former cfl player tim fleiszer speaking up about the danger of concussions

“When I was a player, it wasn’t a big deal to quote-unquote get your bell rung,” said Fleiszer, who won four Grey Cups, played for five teams and was a players’ association representative for four years. “We now understand that, in fact, it opens athletes up to potentially catastrophic injury. Allowing an athlete to play with a concussion puts them at serious risk.

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Team up speak up concussion spotting message is a vital one

Are you a sports coach, administrator or team captain in Canada? And do you care about the health of your players? Here’s a great way to prove it - and maybe save someone’s life some day.

Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada for the second consecutive year is promoting a campaign for team leaders at all level of sports, nationwide, to take just one minute – one minute – to help rid once and for all the lingering, Neanderthal culture that promotes the misguided, potentially life-threatening idea that a head-struck athlete somehow shows her or her ‘toughness’ by playing through a possible concussion.

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Why rowan's law has a long way to go to tackle the teen concussion 'epidemic'

Samantha Bureau, public relations director for the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada, says making concussion education an integral part of the curriculum and teaching students how to recognize the symptoms at an early age "is really what's going to shift this epidemic."  

"If you can get to kids when they're seven, eight, nine …  they're going to be learning this day to day," Bureau said. "You know like, 'This is the norm. Yes, I should report a concussion. Yes, if I'm not feeling well I need to tell someone.' So for us ... getting it into schools would make that a lot easier to do."

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why i donated my brain for research - hayley wickenheiser

In my entire career, I was never once formally diagnosed with a concussion.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure I likely suffered a few. After all, playing 32 years of hockey and contact sports, it’s hard to believe not one of those thousands of hits didn’t leave me spinning.

But there was one particular hit I took that I will never forget. It was in 2008. I was playing professional men’s hockey in Sweden.

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Rugby icon al charron to donate brain to concussion legacy foundation global brain bank

"If I pass away I might as well try to be doing something proper with my brain and hopefully, as being an organ donor as well, be able to carry a better quality of life for someone else." - Charron

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coach 'sully' runs for all who know the darkness of a concussion

“I’m not healed. My memory is shot on some things. I know I’m still unable to finish a (university) degree if I were to start. I’m still affected by the head injuries. But the drowning effect of the mental health consuming me, I’ve been able to tackle.” - Brent Sullivan

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ontario passes concussion safety bill 'rowan's law'

"The Rowan's Law Act will be a catalyst for longer-term culture change for concussion management and injury prevention in amateur sport and beyond." - Daiene Vernil

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retired hockey star hayley wickenheiser to donate brain to concussion research

“By pledging my brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation and the researchers at the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank, I hope to support the best science and accelerate the development of ways to prevent and treat CTE.” - Wickenheiser

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alouettes linebacker kyries hebert donating his brain for cte research

“I remember lying in bed and looking one way — and the room spinning. Looking the other way and the room’s shaking. Closing my eyes and seeing thunder and lightning bolts. That was crazy and nerve-racking.” - Hebert

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wife of fallen nfl star shares cte story with ottawa brain symposium

“Years later, when I fully understood Dr. McKee’s diagnosis, I remember telling her that she did more than help me understand what happened to the amazing man who I had been married to. She actually gave me back my Prince Charming.” - Lisa McHale

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TEam up Speak Up Putting concussion awareness front and centre

The English Montreal School Board, in partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada hosted a Team Up Speak Up Day event last week at Merton Elementary School in Côte Saint-Luc. Team Up Speak Up is an international concussion education campaign designed to change the culture of concussions in sports by encouraging athletes to Speak Up if they think a teammate has a concussion. The EMSB is the first Canadian school board to sign on to the campaign.

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gees join in concussion legacy foundation's team up speak up day

“It’s important for the Gee-Gees to be involved to know that their safety is being looked after, but also to know that their teammates—whether that be on their team or just their fellow athletes—that they are looking out for each other.” - Jill Stockton

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concussion foundation lauds cfl for eliminating contact practices during the season

“As a CFL alum and former CFL Players Association representative, I was proud of our league when I heard (the) news. It is a big step in the right direction. Other sports leagues should take note and follow suit." - Tim Fleiszer

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concussion education program aims to compel canadians to end 'toughness' culture

“The research has shown that we can teach (athletes) signs and symptoms — so now everybody knows when you get hit in the head and see stars, that might be a concussion. But we haven’t been able to convince them to come out of the game." - Chris Nowinski

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